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Discounts & Coupons

1.Creating a New Discount/Coupon: 

Navigate to the “Discounts & Coupons” section in the menu tab and Fill out the following fields:

  • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the discount or coupon.
  • Type: Select the type from options like “Coupon,” “Discount,” or “Free Delivery.”
  • Description: Provide details about the offer, its terms, and conditions.
  • Start Date/End Date: Specify the period during which the discount or coupon is valid.
  • Discount Type: Choose between “Flat” or “Percentage” discount.
  • Discount Amount: Enter the value of the discount (either a fixed amount or a percentage).
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: Set the minimum order value required to apply the discount.
  • Maximum Discount Amount: Optionally, set a limit on the maximum discount amount that can be availed.
  • Coupon Code:  If you select the discount type as ‘coupon,’ please provide a coupon code that customers can use to redeem the discount.
  • Free Delivery Option: Specify whether the discount includes free delivery (yes or no).
  • Coupon Usage Limit: If it’s a coupon, set a limit on how many times it can be used.

2. Editing Discounts/Coupons:

  • Find the one you wish to edit from the list of discounts/coupons and click on the “Edit” button
  • Update the necessary fields and save the changes.

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